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Illinois Man Leaves Million Dollar Estate to Two Obscure Actors He Never Met

Kevin Brophy was one of two obscure actors who will split a $1 million estate of a man he never met.

This is a new one. I’m always hearing interesting stories about the various people that people leave their estates to. Family, mistresses, charities, their pets, nothing surprises me.

Until now.

According to the Star Journal-Register of Springfield, IL, a man left his estate, estimated to be worth around $1 million, to two actors he never met, and who no one has ever heard of (except him).

Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton don’t have the most extensive or impressive IMDB database listings, and have no clue why Ray Fulk of Broadwell, Illinos left them 50% his estate each, which includes a farm that may be sold for $1 million.

But judging by their lack of work, they could probably use the money.

I think I’ll troll IMDB to find someone who appeared in a single episode of Family Ties in 1984, and change my will to give them everything.

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