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  • Breaking: IRS Commissioner Sets Forth Plan for Deductions for Madoff Victims

    In testimony before Congress this morning, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman [No Relation] testified that the Service will be issuing guidance as to how victims of Ponzi schemes can treat their losses for tax purposes.  According to the New York Times: The plan, which applies to victims …

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  • Feds to Seize Madoff’s (and his Wife’s) Assets

    Although I’m sure that it is of little comfort to his victims who had their lives ruined (and there are quite a few of them here in South Florida), the United States Government has filed a notice of intent to seek the forfeiture of not …

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  • Time Magazine: Another Victim of the Ponzi Schemers: The IRS

    Time magazine published an article today discussing what many tax attorneys and CPAs had already been discussing amongst themselves on internet listservs and at wild and crazy tax attorney/CPA parties for the past few months — the massive amount of tax refunds that are going …

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